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About our club

The Royal Yacht Club of Jordan (R Y C J) is located in the Northeast end of the Gulf of Aqaba, near by the main port approximately 0.62 Nautical miles from the Harbor in the City of Aqaba. Aqaba is in the southern part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. RYCJ is a small, none governmental, non- profit making, non-political yacht club whose members' primary interest is actively using their boats, whether for cruising or water sports. RYCJ members are fun-loving, friendly, yet passionate and knowledgeable about both Power boating Jet Skis. Our members would much rather socialize together in The club restaurant recreation rooms around the swimming pool, A number of parties and educational or charitable events are held during the year, either in the RYCJ clubhouse or club terraces in the marina area.

Participation of the club members in the Jet Ski boat skill racing activities, at times, exceeds fifteen (15) percent of Club boating activities, our members and their families actively use their boats throughout the year and are experienced in all aspects of navigation, anchoring, rafting-up, etc We are advocates of safe boating and medical emergency preparedness, and scheduled educational seminars in these areas as well as programs and activities involving both power and minor number of sailing boats.

Most of our members who are local, yet some come from as far away as Europe others from the Middle East participating in the Club's activities and to enjoy the camaraderie. We enjoy reciprocal privileges with TalaBay Marina at the south coast and Brotherhood with El-Kantaaoui Marina at Susa Tunisia.

RYCJ is really a GREAT little (and growing) yacht club!